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Tom Spilman wrote:
 I'd rather hide "(for index)" and see "x" in the locals list.  As it is now
I only see "x" when I'm not stepping on the 'for' line... so I learned
something... "x" is deleted and reallocated on each loop.  Still this isn't
very helpful when you have nested loops which in that case you get multiple
"(for limit)" locals and the user is left confused.

"x" is not deleted and reallocated, check the OP_FORLOOP implementation in lvm.c. :-) What Lua version are you using? Lua 5.0.2 shows no "(for index)" local while debugging, and shows the loop index does show up as a local in the line of the for statement. Same for Lua 5.0. The Lua compiler does not even generate "(for index)" as a local.

Fabio Mascarenhas