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Jeff wrote:
AC> Lua is there (although they used Lua 4.0), and it's ranked 10th place.
AC> The criteria used are very subjective and most likely not entirely
AC> relevant to most of the people here. Nevertheless, Lua makes it again
AC> among other scripting languages on yet another survey.

However, why was Lua (let alone C#, Java and Smalltalk) part of this
"shootout"? None of them are scripting languages. Lua is embedded and
the others are compiled languages (no different from C other than they
compile to bytecode or have interactive environments).

Sorry? I use Lua daily for simple scripting usage, like transforming a text file. I even made a relatively complex set of Lua scripts to normalize CSV data and to format result to printed labels.

All this with Lua.exe, so indeed, Lua excels at embedded usages, but is also useful for shell scripting.

BTW, even if embedded, Lua is still a scripting language, it is used to script the host application... That's why I used the term "shell scripting" above, which is probably the one you thought about.

Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist