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Hello Andre,

Sunday, June 13, 2004, 1:35:45 PM, you wrote:

AC> "Folks at the Scriptometer conducted a practical survey of which
AC> scripting language is the best.... sh, Perl and Ruby won the
AC> competition..."

I would personally give Perl the #1 spot for its versatility as a
scripting language and all the modules it has available to it
(although I am not a Perl scripter).

AC> Lua is there (although they used Lua 4.0), and it's ranked 10th place.
AC> The criteria used are very subjective and most likely not entirely
AC> relevant to most of the people here. Nevertheless, Lua makes it again
AC> among other scripting languages on yet another survey.

However, why was Lua (let alone C#, Java and Smalltalk) part of this
"shootout"? None of them are scripting languages. Lua is embedded and
the others are compiled languages (no different from C other than they
compile to bytecode or have interactive environments).

For embedded languages, though, Lua takes the cake. It is the *only*
library that, whenever I start a new C project, automatically gets
linked and included. I always use it, even if it is just for loading
state saving files...

Best regards,