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Having proper debugger support (not only API, but a _real_ debugger) would have gained +10 points.

Imho, this is currently a very high priority lack for Lua newcomers. People just are used to proper tools, and -face it- when was the last time you wrote print('something') in a script just to see..? ;)


13.6.2004 kello 21:35, Andre Costa kirjoitti:

 This was posted today on Slashdot:

"Folks at the Scriptometer conducted a practical survey of which
scripting language is the best. While question like that is bound to
generate flamewars between the usual Perl vs PHP, Python vs Perl,
VBScript vs everything crowds, the Scriptometer survey is practical: if
I have to write a script, I have to write it fast, it has to be small
(less typing), it should allow me to either debug itself via a debugger
or just verbose output mode. sh, Perl and Ruby won the competition, and
with the difference of 1-2 points they were essentially tied for first
place. Smalltalk, tcc, C# and Java are the last ones, with Java being
completely unusable in scripting environment (part of that could be the
fact that neither Java nor C# are scripting languages). See the 'Hello
world' examples and the smallest code examples. Interesting that ICFP
contests lately pronounced OCaml as the winner for rapid development."

Lua is there (although they used Lua 4.0), and it's ranked 10th place.
The criteria used are very subjective and most likely not entirely
relevant to most of the people here. Nevertheless, Lua makes it again
among other scripting languages on yet another survey.

(worth noting is that a couple of tasks marked as TD on the "Program
Lengths" chart could be implemented easily with extensions such as POSIX
support by LHF)

The URL is 2125229&mode=thread&tid=126&tid=156



Andre Oliveira da Costa