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At 22:17 13/06/2004, Asko Kauppi wrote:

Having proper debugger support (not only API, but a _real_ debugger)
would have gained +10 points.

Imho, this is currently a very high priority lack for Lua newcomers.
People just are used to proper tools, and -face it- when was the last
time you wrote print('something') in a script just to see..?  ;)

Erm, I use 'print' (or equivalent) in my Perl, PHP and Lua programs. Having a 'real debugger' is all well and good, but you've got to get it into the same environment as your real script is used.

So, in Perl, PHP, most of the time I use these in web pages, so I'd somehow have to get Apache to call my debugger and not fall over whilst I'm stepping through the code..

With Lua, I'd have to, probably, compile the debugger into my application and have a GUI for it to step through code.

A 'real debugger' is fine for a standalone script, but much less usable for a script called from within another program, be it Apache (and mod_perl/mod_php) or my application calling Lua.

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