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Björn De Meyer wrote:
Peter Hill wrote:

Waiting for Lua 5.1 is certainly fine by me... Lua 5.0 being a "beta".

And the change is not exactly earth-shattering. Rather, it is merely a fine
tuning of the syntax... ironing out quirky irregularities... aiming for a
more homogenous, regular & simple syntax [ie, easily understood].

Yes, but why wait?

Well, I suggested waiting. My reason is that I want to get a stable Lua 5
out as soon as possible. This is so that all the Lua addons (toLua) and
libraries can catch up with it. Language level stuff which don't brake
the API could be tried after that.

Interesting. Could you or anyone else modify the existing parser to accept your definition of the syntax, so we could test the effects?

I will check out if I can manage this. Although I suspect that I might
not like the change ;-)

What I personally would like to add to Lua is "compile time" error
checking and "compile time" optimisation support.

I put quotes there, because I understand that both of these are
practically impossible in dynamic language like Lua, but I am
thinking of possible add ons outside of Lua core which would
enable these for code which might be specially annotated.
I will let you know if I come up with something which can be done.