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Peter Hill wrote:

So I see:
    prefixexp ::= var | functioncall | '(' exp ')'

But, at a glance, I can't see why one could not just include "function" in
there as well.
    prefixexp ::= var | function | functioncall | '(' exp ')'

It makes strong sense to have it as a "prefixexp" (what could be more of a
function than "funtion () ... end" itself!) and, as it forms a nicely
wrapped unit, I don't forsee any syntax problems.

I official petiton its addition! *grin*

I hope we agree that feature requests are for Lua 5.1 or some latter version.
For 5.0 I wish only bug fixes, and something which works as documented is
by definition not a bug ;-) , and most of the rest can be fixed by changing the
documentation ;-)