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> As a first question, I'd like to know if there is any GUI IDE 
> suitable 
> to Lua use that I could get. A GUI debugger is also highly desirable. 
> And, most important, where to find ALL readable/printable 
> matter on Lua 
> (I have already Refman, LuaBook [draft] and the introductory 
> "Noções de 
> Lua 3.1" in Portuguese. I'm not sure if there is already any printed 
> material but I'd appreciate to know if any. I use to learn 
> faster from 
> paper... Thanks in advance for any help. :) contains:

Development environments

[houston] - a graphical Lua debugger for Lua. 
[lash] - a graphical command line shell for Windows. 
[LuaDev] - a graphical editor and debugger for gllua for Mac OS X. 
[LuaSpace] - an environment for configuring and reconfiguring
component-based applications. 
[Stella] - a Lua development environment for Mac OS. 
[Titmouse] - integrated editor and debugger for Lua for Windows (Linux
version under development). 
[LuaIDE] - integrated development environment for Lua for Windows. 
[wxLua] - a blend of Lua and wxWindows. has an own IDE with debugger