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Greetings to All!

This is not my first time at Lua-l though I'm pretty sure it's my first 
post. My initial sign up was last July and I did not joined the group 
for much time. I was getting flooded with eMail so I had to put some 
order home, elect priorities, get rid of garbage, install a new s-pam 
filter and, finally, get back into business. On that time I "heard" a 
lot from the posts. ;)

During my short time at Lua-l I figure out that this is a very 
talkative list with several gurus, experienced coders/designers, 
average persons and last, but not least, newbies like me. I'm quite 
confident that I found my place. :)

Though I'm coding for a long time (I should say since a long time ago) 
I'm not in this business anymore. Today I'm acting more as a tech 
translator (software, manuals, tutorials, tech books, sites, etc.). So, 
please, don't expect too much from me. My aims are very short: to code 
on a interpreted language (initially on text mode), make some database 
management application, possibly using it as a CGI-script (I couldn't 
get along with Perl, unfortunately) and maybe develop some GUI apps. 
Off course I'm planning to use Lua as a stand-alone language and I will 
keep on this track while practical.

As a first question, I'd like to know if there is any GUI IDE suitable 
to Lua use that I could get. A GUI debugger is also highly desirable. 
And, most important, where to find ALL readable/printable matter on Lua 
(I have already Refman, LuaBook [draft] and the introductory "Noções de 
Lua 3.1" in Portuguese. I'm not sure if there is already any printed 
material but I'd appreciate to know if any. I use to learn faster from 
paper... Thanks in advance for any help. :)

Kind regards,

-- Euler German

-- Season's Greetings to All!! -- Have a Great New Year!!