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Title: RE: GC "survey"

> > The link'd gone dead a few months back when I went for vacation. It
> > has been up and running after I returned :-P
> >
> >

Just had a look too, and I was thinking: can you think of
anything that would break if lua_setconstant would take a
boolean parameter to set or clear the constantness of the
table ? Rationale being that, in my game, I have some big
tables which I know are constant for quite a long time,
thus candidates for being set as constant for GC, but will
be unreferenced at some time in the future, and I know
well when. Since some of these tables can be very big, and
there can be a fairly large number of them, I'm thinking
it could be an interesting tweak for this particular case.

In case you're wondering, these tables are NPC dialogue.
Tables contain mostly strings, but also contain anonymous
and pointers to non anonymous functions (which return
strings). These trees are not deep (max 3 levels) but can
be rather broad.

Vincent Penquerc'h