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I have been evaluating Lua 4.0 for some time now. The concise and
extremely reqadable reference manual is absolutely superb and the
supporting material is also invaluable. 

Now that I understand (a bit) about how Lua can so easily be embedded
and extended, I am thinking about designing a domain-specific-language
based on Lua , This DSL will be used for  controlling a data-transform
engine. The main "engine" will call (simple) functions defined in this
DSL which can set the engine's  configuration/parameters dynamically.

>From my reading in this group, it looks like the games designers in
this group are using Lua in a similar way?  I would be very interested
to find out more about how such Lua functions are designed and used.
What do such domain-specific functions read like? What design
principles should be followed, so that the language is as easy as
posssible to program?

I hope the description of my needs is not too confused.  I would be
most grateful to this group for any help or advise

David Fowle