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Calling the GC every frame on my game is about only half ms faster than calling it
every second. so this mean 10.5ms+ instead 11ms+.


Alberto Demichelis
Crytek studios GmbH

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From: Jeff Petkau []
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2002 7:57 PM
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Subject: RE: GC "survey"

> Size of the problem: 
> 11ms+ with our memory manager, 23ms+ with the Win memory manager
> the collector is called once per second. I think with a generational GC
> 0.5ms calling the GC every frame would be perfect.

I'm curious how many people have tried running collectgarbage()
once per frame.  We do that, and on our slowest target platform
(no prize for guessing what *that* is), it only takes about 0.15ms.

Of course it helps that our Lua data is still small, and I'm
sure this number will get worse as we write more scripts. But
I'd really like to see what kind of performance some of you
with larger data sets get if you collect once per frame instead
of waiting for the automatic collection.

ps. I've seen numbers like 5ms or 10ms thrown around as a
reasonable time for an incremental collector to take. Yuck!
I think 0.1ms per frame is a more realistic budget.

--Jeff Petkau (