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On Fri, Aug 23, 2002 at 01:58:58PM +0300, Dan Partelly wrote:
> It's extremly seldom in games where you control everything through a
> single script using a single scripting "execution thread".  In fact, I
> think that such a designed is flawed from start, and wont work for
> anything but extremly simple scenarios.

I happen to think the opposite. Although by nature of most games,
things happen all over the places and multi-threading seems to
be the natural choice. But really, if you can organize them into
a single thread, just go ahead and it'll cost you much less 
trouble at debugging, especially when more than 2 people work
on the same code base.

I learnt the lesson the hard way, and I'd stick to single thread
whenever possible. It is not about how sane single thread programming
could be, but that human errors usually doubles with the introduction
of a new thread, which is a sad but true fact of today's programmers
on the market.