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>> up C/C++ functions for use in Lua.

Unfortunately, even with that , is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want
to get serious about this, you should ,I think, talk about implementing a
scripting engine arround Lua , where
you have to talk about implementing disptachers using 4.0 version of Lua, go
and talk about multithreading in 5.0 which will make your life easier with
respect to multiple scripts execution, talk about scripted action queues,
flushing & combining  action queues,  events and listener objects, entity
(game actors)  state control through scripting,  state serialization
(saving) of scripts running , which aint trivial, and so on, there is a
hughe list of things to talk about, ( or for that matter,  actualy design a
scripting engine using Lua, and implement it).

It's extremly seldom in games where you control everything through a single
script using a single scripting "execution thread".  In fact, I think that
such a designed is flawed from start,
and wont work for anything but extremly simple scenarios.
Lua has a good manual, which explains how to set up Lua, call functions from
C , using it's advanced features,  I think there is no need to rewrite that
in an article called "Using Lua for games" or you can touch them extremly
briefly and durect the reader to Lua manual. Focus on real problems which
are encountered when building a game scripting engine arround Lua, youll
have enough to talk about, and the article will be much more usefull than an
article reprinting the obivious from the Lua manual.

just my 2 cents, Dan

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Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 9:07 AM
Subject: Lua For Game Scripting article (Was: Re: Lua x Python)

> Andre Carregal wrote:
> > What if someone using Lua in game development wrote a similar article
> > Gamasutra? Or if the Lua team submitted some Lua reference material to
> > Gamasutra? The site is very popular in the game development community.
> I've been working on writing an article on using Lua in games, though
> for how long I've been writing it, it hasn't gone very far. AFAIK there
> aren't too many article on embedding languages into games, more
> scripting articles focus on creating new scripting languages themselves.
> I'd love to get my article reworked and rewritten for publishing in
> GDMag and Gamasutra, if for no other reason than to have something to
> boast about at a future Toronto IGDA chapter meeting. :) What's already
> written is available at this (somewhat long) URL:
> It's not too much, sadly, and I realize that I missed out on how to set
> up C/C++ functions for use in Lua. That's why I want to give it a
> complete restart.
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