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Hi there,

Gamasutra has an article by Bruce Dawson where he explains why he choosed
Python over Lua:

The rationale was:

"Lua is smaller and probably easier to embed in an application, and has some
nice language constructs. However, at the time we were choosing a language
the documentation was a bit sketchy. This is probably because Lua is a newer
language than Python.

Python has more extension modules than Lua, more books written about it, and
stackless Python [Tismer01], which was a promising way of creating
micro-threads for object AI. We ended up not using the stackless version of
Python, but we did start using Python for writing automated build scripts
and this gave us momentum. We knew the syntax, we liked it, and so we chose

Both languages have been improved since we made our decision - Lua has
become stackless and Python has acquired generators, which allow some
similar functionality. Either language is a safe choice."

What if someone using Lua in game development wrote a similar article for
Gamasutra? Or if the Lua team submitted some Lua reference material to
Gamasutra? The site is very popular in the game development community.

Andre Carregal