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Hi Josh,

> The nature of Lua's growing of its internal arrays lends 
> itself to fragmentation levels that aren't acceptable in 
> a tight memory environment (such as a game console or 
> embedded device).

I've been working on a PalmOS browser that uses Lua as it's
script language, and I have to say that memory management 
is my worst nightmare. So I'd like very much to see that
changes you are doing to Lua and possibly include them in
my Palm version.

I thought about another improvement that IMO would be very 
interesting. What about a new method, similar to DoFile or
DoString, that would be called "DoResource" and loads and
executes code from a host's resource and don't copies all
the data to the Data Segment, instead, it creates the minimum 
necessary structures and keep vectors to the resource segment. 
Would that be useful to you too? Isn't it a important 
optimization since Lua is mostly a embedded language?


Renato Crivano
CTO - Hands Mobile Solutions