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Well, after checking out lua_loadfile/buffer in 4.1, I think perhaps my
question was misinterpreted.

What I want to do is this:

A script file path gets passed to my method. Said method opens the file,
does some pre-parsing that my engine does (special meta-data tags), then
strips those tags and prepares the actual Lua code for the interpreter. Once
it has the Lua code in this buffer, I want to be able to tell Lua "Okay,
parse this and turn it in to byte code, but don't execute it. Oh, and I need
the byte code back from you please". This would allow me to cache the
bytecode in memory, rather then keeping the source text hanging around. I
need to do this because on a fully populated MUD with hundreds of players
and thousands of objects floating around, having Lua reparse every script
file everytime an object is loaded is utterly wasteful. I already cache
script files in textual form, but I would much rather cache them as byte
code to save the interpretation step.


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From: "Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 11:53 AM
Subject: Re: Parsing to byte code
> With Lua 4.1, use lua_loadfile instead of lua_dofile.
> With Lua 4.0, write your scripts as "return function () XXX end", where
> is your original script, run dofile on this and get return value.
> If you want to save pre-compiled scripts, use dump in 4.1 (see
> --lhf