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On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 12:21:00AM -0500, Michael T. Richter wrote:
> > But, then, my other question: what is the relationship between Windows CE
> > and Unicode? Why did everybody that tryed to port Lua to Windows CE come
> up
> > with this subject? Why can't they just use this approach (UTF-8)?
> > (this is pure ignorance of my part; I know nothing about Windows CE...)
> File names, et al in Win32 are all pure Unicode and, to keep the WinCE size
> down, Microsoft, in their near-infinite wisdom and judgement, decided to do
> away with the <foo>A versions of the APIs which would accept ASCII (or
> UTF-8, presumably) names and convert to Unicode behind the scenes.  This
> means that if I want to open a file, I have to manually convert the string
> (UTF-8 or ASCII, same difference in this case) to Unicode before using it.

Forgive me for being dense, for I know very little about unicode.  Doesn't
this mean that all strings in WinCE take up twice as much room as they would
normally require?  If so, in normal use, is it possible that they actually
waste more memory than they save by removing the ASCII compatible calls?
(I'm no Windows person, either)

Rob Kendrick -
Your reasoning powers are good, and you are a fairly good planner.