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> Lua could use UTF-8, since it does not have "str[i]" type indexing and is
> 8-bit clean.  Evidently, the str* functions are affected - but these are
> outside the core, and therefore neatly replaceable.  The basic idea would
> be to cover all the in and outcoming cases where strings are involved,
> and to keep the Lua core mostly as is.

Yes, this seems the best option. I think we would need only a new strlib 
(that lib would change a lot); but everything else should work without 
any changes.

But, then, my other question: what is the relationship between Windows CE 
and Unicode? Why did everybody that tryed to port Lua to Windows CE come up 
with this subject? Why can't they just use this approach (UTF-8)?
(this is pure ignorance of my part; I know nothing about Windows CE...) 

-- Roberto