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> But, then, my other question: what is the relationship between Windows CE
> and Unicode? Why did everybody that tryed to port Lua to Windows CE come
> with this subject? Why can't they just use this approach (UTF-8)?
> (this is pure ignorance of my part; I know nothing about Windows CE...)

File names, et al in Win32 are all pure Unicode and, to keep the WinCE size
down, Microsoft, in their near-infinite wisdom and judgement, decided to do
away with the <foo>A versions of the APIs which would accept ASCII (or
UTF-8, presumably) names and convert to Unicode behind the scenes.  This
means that if I want to open a file, I have to manually convert the string
(UTF-8 or ASCII, same difference in this case) to Unicode before using it.

Michael T. Richter
"Be seeing you."