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> One of the issues is the fact that Lua numerial format is double
> precision floats. This isn't a problem on PC and DC. But PS2 is
> optimized for single precision and often uses software emulation for
> double precision. So i'll have to see if there is a way to get Lua to
> use single precision to avoid arithmetic slowdowns on PS2.

I've just converted Lua over to just floats everywhere. Our libraries are
OpenGL-esque so all colour and vertex formats are floats. You have to tinker
around a bit with the code to get rid of all the warnings (see rest of
todays posts). You can't just redefine the Lua number format but its not
that time consuming. And, if you do want a double precision vector say, you
can just make that a class and wrap it anyway.

> > Nice. DC is okay I think.
> Yeah. Unfortunateley, it's gonna dissapear soon.... :|

Mmm, well I don't think the PS2 will do that well. It's hard to program
(VU's) and you don't have compressed textures (what *were* they thinking!).
DC and XBox are easier. XBox is great: unified memory, fast, basically a PC!
DC is cheap already and has quality product catalog. I think Nintendo will
struggle, the Gamecube sounds poo. An interesting scenario anyway.