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Nick Trout wrote:
> Mmm, well I don't think the PS2 will do that well. It's hard to program
> (VU's) and you don't have compressed textures (what *were* they thinking!).
> DC and XBox are easier. XBox is great: unified memory, fast, basically a PC!

Pretty off topic but I have to say it ;)  All PCs with UMA had the worst
performance.  I though "what were they thinking" when I heard about that!
Major design criterion for consoles has always been fast _graphics_ and
UMA is one of the slowest concepts (nowadays).

I always wondered why they don't make special graphics DRAM.  Nearly all
accesses to DRAM-cells are read-write cycles (reads are destructive and
writes have to read the not-modified cells of a row).  Why not make it
read-modify-write to allow for example "writing with alpha channel".

When I heard that PS2 has its DRAM directly in the graphics controller
with an ultra wide bus I directly though: Yes, that's how it should be!
You can do marvelous stuff with that.  (Don't know if they really do,
though.  I hope they will someday release some real documentation.)

Ok, that's all *g*  Back to Lua stuff.

Ciao, ET.