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I have seen quite a few performance comparisions of Lua vs other scripting
languages, but has anyone done corresponding C/C++ benchmarks?

The current (scripting language) benchmarks are useful for answering the
question: "I need a scripting language - which one should I use?".

However, once you have chosen the scripting language(obviously Lua!), then
you start to ask the question "How much is the perfomance going to change if
I move this C++ function into Lua?" - so you can work out where to draw the
line between your C++ and scripting code.  This is obviously going to depend
on the actual code involved.  However, if anyone is going to run any new
benchmarks, I'd be interested in some C/C++ timings too!


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From: Nick Trout <>
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Date: 26 September 2000 10:44
Subject: Re: Ruby?

>> I haven't timed Lua and Ruby against each other for common operations,
>> I've seen results in various "Language Comparison Papers" around the web,
>> Ruby takes the lead in most of them.  I'm interested in what benchmark
>> programs you used?