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Martin and Mike,

I'm happy to see somebody else interested using Lua in DOS.
I'll give you my version tomorrow, because I haven't it here.
Thanks Mike for your Lua.exe.

> Is there something as a DOS graphics library, or just an
> DOS interrupt mapping for calling routines? Adn I 
> would also be interrested in some example Lua sources.
My graphics library uses DOS interrupts and it isn't very fast because 
it is written in Lua (but if there is some interest I can write some 
built-in functions).
I added to Lua some functions. I.e.: read from/write to memory/port, 
call DOS interrupts, read in a table the directory contents.
For this reason, I suppose that I must change the name of the 
executable (I changed the Lua source, so I can't call it Lua, isn't 
it ?). Could be "Luna for DOS" a right name or is it too much similar 
to Lua ? (Luna in Italian means Moon in English).

I hope to send tomorrow an email where I explain a "Stack overflow" 
error when luaM_realloc() calls lua_error().