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>From  Tue Jun 20 11:15:55 2000
>From: "Mauro Vezzosi"<>
>I'm happy to see somebody else interested using Lua in DOS.

Like I said, I think small systems such as DOS are a real niche for Lua.
I'm happy to say here that Lua 4.0a compiles ok with Turbo C++ 1.01, which
is freely available from Borland.

>I added to Lua some functions. I.e.: read from/write to memory/port, 
>call DOS interrupts, read in a table the directory contents.
>For this reason, I suppose that I must change the name of the 
>executable (I changed the Lua source, so I can't call it Lua, isn't 
>it ?).

Not at all. You haven't changed the language: you have only added a few
functions -- ideally you did that in a separated library.
You'd have to change the name if you changed the lexer to accept hexadecimal
constants or integers only, for instance. Or if you change the semantics of
upvalues. Both things have been done by people in this list (and a good thing
they have, if it suits them -- it's just that we ask them not to call the
resulting program "Lua".)

>I hope to send tomorrow an email where I explain a "Stack overflow" 
>error when luaM_realloc() calls lua_error().

Please do, it's the first time I hear about this.