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>From  Tue Jun 20 09:05:43 2000
>I got a 16 bit DOS Lua 4.0 alpha executable from Mike Goodey, and it 
>starts up. I did a few commands, and it worked. I don't know, which 
>compiler he uses.
>error: too many items in a list initializer (limit=-192);

The limit is wrong, of course. The faulty line is

    checklimit(ls, n, MAXARG_A*LFIELDS_PER_FLUSH,
               "items in a list initializer");
The multiplication overflows 16 bits.

In Lua 4.0 beta (to-be-released-soon :-), this has been changed to

    luaX_checklimit(ls, n/LFIELDS_PER_FLUSH, MAXARG_A,
               "`item groups' in a list initializer");

In general, we have made several of these small changes to make sure that
Lua works in 16-bit platforms.