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Date sent:      	Tue, 20 Jun 2000 09:04:19 -0300 (EST)
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Subject:        	16 Bit DOS-LUA 4.0 alpha

> I got a 16 bit DOS Lua 4.0 alpha executable from Mike Goodey, and it 
> starts up. I did a few commands, and it worked. I don't know, which 
> compiler he uses.
> I have 
> Memory:         651 Kb mem free
> OS:             DOS 5.00
> Processor:      80186 (nearly 8086)
> Speed:          8 Mhz
> Graphics:       CGA
> So, as I think, this is a very small platform. ;-)
> The lua.exe is about 165 Kb, and here is, what it does:
> life.lua:
> error: too many items in a list initializer (limit=-192);
> factorial.lua:
> runs quite well (about 2 sec.)
> Thanks, Mike!
> Martin

I have been trying out various builds of lua 4.0a with the Digital 
Mars compiler (ex Symantec)

I have built with the 32 bit DOS extender and that seems to work.

I have then built with the small and large models for 16 bit DOS. 
They won't yet be of use for 8086 because I have to change the 
compiler flags not to use 80386 extensions - I forgot it.

I have met the limit=-192 error as well. I think I could wait for the 
4.0 beta to get rid of such things.

I think I can build the libraries and luac.exe with for the small 
model.  Lua.exe is just too big. I have tried min.c (in \etc) instead. I 
have just been reading LTN1 which gives some useful hints.


John Fletcher