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May 7, 2003

The wiki database was corrupted by a malicous user on The site was restored from a backup dated May 7 5:00 UTC.

November 30, 2002

The wiki database was corrupted by a malicous user on for a third time. The site was restored from a backup dated November 30 6:00 UTC.

December 6, 2001

It seems that sourceforge had a serious bug in their web statistics. So has been getting more than 1-3 hits per day after all... [1].

December 3, 2001

We are now doing automated offsite backups of all data. Thanks to MartinSpernau for providing a backup repository and debug help. Five weeks are covered using eleven backups (seven at an interval of one day and four at an interval of one week). These backups are intended for catastrophe recovery, not for information archival.

November 14, 2001

It seems like there are still some wiki-unfriendly web browsers out there, such as Konqueror (still a problem as of 2.2.1). Konqueror will corrupt all incoming tabs, converting them to a single space. A bug report has been submitted, but the outcome is uncertain as browser developers tend to have strong opinions regarding the handling (or not handling) of tabs in text forms. If Konquerer doesn't shape up, this wiki system will have to change to a tab-less markup.

I can't use tabs in IE5 anyway as it makes the focus jump to the comment edit box!! Is there some trick or option here? --NDT

For IE you can copy and paste tabs from somewhere else (or an existing tab on the page). Anyway that's not the issue here since the wiki lets you use either spaces or tabs for indenting. The problem is Konquerer killing tabs that already exist on the page.

October 24, 2001

The wiki database was malicously corrupted a second time, but again no content was lost. The administrators don't seem to be in any hurry to put a long-term solution in place (such as cgiwrap [2]). It's annoying...

October 9, 2001

The wiki database was corrupted by a malicous user on The site was restored from a backup dated October 5th, 11:34 PST. We need to put an automated backup system in place. (A request for help has been listed on HelpWanted for some time).

September 26, 2001

The wiki pages now pass HTML validation at

August 18, 2001

The recent changes "show minor edits" preference has been replaced with "show change details". The new option lists every edit occurrence in order, including minor edits. This option really should not be used normally. It's for the paranoid (say, site admins) who fear some pages are being altered behind their back.

The file area for attachments is up. There is a link "file manager" in the toolbar of the edit page. The root of the file manager maps to Files:wiki_insecure/. For example Files:wiki_insecure/test.txt.

August 12, 2001

The "==" and "===" heading markups have been swapped. "===" is now used for the more prominent heading.

August 5, 2001

Certain versions of Mozilla-based browsers (Mozilla and Netscape 6) will corrupt tab characters when doing cut & paste in an edit window. Please avoid using such browsers on this wiki. Here is the status of this bug on each browser:
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