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Hi there! I'm Peter Odding and I'm currently studying for my bachelor's degree in computer science. I've been using Lua for several years now and in that time Lua has become my favorite programming language. For more information about me you can visit [my homepage].

Here is the Lua (related) code I've published online in one form or another:

Thanks to both the Lua authors and community for a great programming environment!

(Mozilla) Firefox tweaks

Some e-mails on the mailing list contain non-wrapping text, which really annoys me, because I don't like horizontal scrolling. So I wrote a user-stylesheet that forces text wrapping. Then I decided to change the color-scheme for syntax-highlighted lua code to Vim's slate theme. While I was playing around with Firefox I decided to add the mailing list and wiki searches to Firefox's searchbox. The resulting files, which contain instructions on installation, are:

This is what the syntax highlighting looks like (the font is Consolas, one of MS Vista's new fonts):

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