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This is an index of the Lua universe on Mac OS Classic. Please also take a look at Lua on Mac OS X MacOsxLua

Distributions, uses and tips are listed here

Binaries and native builds

* [Mac Lua] - Power Macintosh version of the Lua 3.2 stand-alone application built by [Jon Kleiser]

* [MacLua] - Carbon version of Lua 5.0 and Lua 5.1, works on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X

Extension Scripting

* [LuaPlugin] - Lua Plugin is a REALbasic plugin that allows execution of Lua scripts from within a REALbasic app.. Binary and source available

Development Environments

* [Stella] -Stella is a Lua development environment for Mac OS.

* [LuaLeo] - Lua 3.1 implemented on top of [Leonardo IDE] , a C Programming Environment for Reversible Execution and Software Visualization. There is an effort to port Lua 5 on top of the new iteration [Leonardo Computing Environment] - The Leonardo Computing Environment (LCE) project aims to integrate different software visualization and program development techniques in a unified framework.

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