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Here is an example of a module loader that simply load Lua modules, just like the standalone loader provided by Lua. You can use it to implement more complex loaders. (JeromeVuarand)

module(..., package.seeall)

local function load(modulename)
  local errmsg = ""
  -- Find source
  local modulepath = string.gsub(modulename, "%.", "/")
  for path in string.gmatch(package.path, "([^;]+)") do
    local filename = string.gsub(path, "%?", modulepath)
    local file =, "rb")
    if file then
      -- Compile and return the module
      return assert(loadstring(assert(file:read("*a")), filename))
    errmsg = errmsg.."\n\tno file '"..filename.."' (checked with custom loader)"
  return errmsg

-- Install the loader so that it's called just before the normal Lua loader
table.insert(package.loaders, 2, load)

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