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LuaCompileIssues archives information related to compiling Lua and other sources to the various platforms. Contributions which document compiler experiences are welcome in the subpages.

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Logiciels LCC Compiler (Windows)

RobMaris 2004/10/04: In order to create own extensions to Lua I recently investigated a little time in selecting a suitable compiler. The main source of information was here:

I decided to give lcc a try, because it is free, should have a target program efficiency that compares to some commercial products and does not compile slowly.

This compiler has a download size of approx. 4 MB and provides an IDE with project manager. It compiles to console executable, windows executable, DLL, or static LIB.

The first try was to compile Lua 5.0.2. The setup of new projects was very easy. Lcc automatically creates a make file according to the list of files specified to belong to the project. After specification of the files for compiling a lua interpreter (according to the list of files in the install.txt file in the source distribution), only two iterations were needed to get a successful compilation using the autogenerated makefile. After the first iterations the compiler reported that a few .h-files were not found. This is due to the proliferation of sourcetext over several directories. The install.txt file, windows section, advises to put all source files in one directory. Instead, I tried to append the <include> Path with the path of the failing header files and it works.

Due to the fact that all project settings can be established using the GUI-dialogs of the IDE, this compiler is a good choice for free projects handled with less experienced programmers (note: the free license is restricted to non-commercial projects).

Official download site:

(note: benchmarks shall be added later here).

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