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Am Sa., 18. Nov. 2023 um 18:20 Uhr schrieb Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
> The definition of the VM is at

... thanks for this very useful info (also your lines before...) ... I
did not see this file lopcodes.h before (I really googled quite a bit
to find a bit more details on Lua bytecode description), this really
looks fine.

To allow Luac Bytecode generator  in a "compatible way" align the
bytecode of functions to 32bits or to the sizeo of "instruction words"
(for loadcode function in "lundump.c" to be able to keep this in ROM /
later load from ROM), it would be necessary possibly, that luac would
add some "dummy zero string" with a suitable number of dummy bytes
before any start of function code... . ... But I unfortunately have
not enough insight in the "more general byte order in such bytecode
files" to judge whether this is possible or not... .