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Rana, what you’re asking to do can’t be done.

Ultimately, the code has to run — on Android, or somewhere else. 

To run, it has to be decrypted.

To be decrypted, the key has to be available. On the device.

That means that anyone who’s willing to put in the effort could decrypt the code too.

Usually, what people try to do is just make reverse engineering more costly.

Usually, people try to do that through “obfuscation,” so that the reverse-engineered code doesn’t follow the usual patterns and is hard to understand.

Search for “lua obfuscator.” There seem to be a lot of options. No idea how well they work.

On Aug 7, 2023 at 8:52:37 AM, Rana Ayaz <> wrote:
I can't add any 3rd party libraries and I want to encrypt the code with the default libraries.
I have heard that some people Encrypt the code using AndroLua+ Android mobile application
But I don't know how to encrypt through this application
Can any expert explain me step by step how to encrypt code using this android application
Or there is a way in which we can encrypt androlua code through android mobile itself

On Mon, Aug 7, 2023, 8:14 AM bil til <> wrote:
But anybody using your encrypted Lua then will need your "Lua decrypt" code on his phone...  .

I somebody knows Lua "quite well" (and those are many) it should then be straight forward to read such code in a reasonable nice form, at least suitable for programming.

If you have the possibility to add C code library functions to your Lua, then of course you have much "harder possibilities" to achieve something this, but I cannot imagine how this encrypt/decrypt game would run in a reasonable way "just by Lua", except if you use some lib for e. g. AES 256 encryption/decryption and deliver the decrypt 256 bit code to anybody who wants to use your code (just this person then evidently will be quite powerful enabled to decrypt your code).

Am So., 6. Aug. 2023 um 21:51 Uhr schrieb Rana Ayaz <>:
Actually I want that if I send this code to someone, the other person will not be able to understand what is written in this code and how this code is generated.
But do the work perfectly when running the coat, just so that the coat cannot be understood by others
I am using androlua application in my Android mobile
guide me with this application

On Sun, Aug 6, 2023, 9:22 PM mystery_ace <> wrote:
Hi Rana,

Please specify what you mean by encryption.

Do you mean obfuscating the code?

Or do you mean encrypting the end result?

---- 원본 메일 ----
보낸 사람 : Rana Ayaz<>
받는 사람 : Lua mailing list<>
날짜 : 23.08.07 00:14 GMT +0800
제목 : how to encryption code written in lua language

respected experts what is the exact method to encryption my code written in androidlua language
I given a code below
please guide me how to I encryption this code

require "import"
-- import "com.androlua.*"
Http.get("", function(status, result)
if status == 200 then

for mn, t1, dt, st, t2 result:gmatch('<span class="fix_match_num">(.-)</span>.-<div class="fixb1">.-<h4>(.-)</h4>.-<p class="fix_match_dtime">(.-)</p>.-<p class="fix_match_stadium">(.-)</p>.-<div class="fixb3">.-<h4>(.-)</h4>') do
print(mn, "\n\n", t1, "vs", t2, "\n\n", st, "\n\n", dt)
print("The page was not found")