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Hi Rana,

Please specify what you mean by encryption.

Do you mean obfuscating the code?

Or do you mean encrypting the end result?

---- 원본 메일 ----
보낸 사람 : Rana Ayaz<>
받는 사람 : Lua mailing list<>
날짜 : 23.08.07 00:14 GMT +0800
제목 : how to encryption code written in lua language

respected experts what is the exact method to encryption my code written in androidlua language
I given a code below
please guide me how to I encryption this code

require "import"
-- import "com.androlua.*"
Http.get("", function(status, result)
if status == 200 then

for mn, t1, dt, st, t2 result:gmatch('<span class="fix_match_num">(.-)</span>.-<div class="fixb1">.-<h4>(.-)</h4>.-<p class="fix_match_dtime">(.-)</p>.-<p class="fix_match_stadium">(.-)</p>.-<div class="fixb3">.-<h4>(.-)</h4>') do
print(mn, "\n\n", t1, "vs", t2, "\n\n", st, "\n\n", dt)
print("The page was not found")