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Recent versions of macOS have this “safety setting” on at least the Documents and Desktop folders.

The safety popup about allowing access or not should show up the first time you use any newly-installed app to open a file in a “protected” directory. 

If you say No at the first attempt, then that answer is locked in until you go to the Privacy & Security page to reverse it.

It’s not a bug in Glu, it’s a feature (of sorts) in macOS…

> On 20 May 2023, at 14:47, Andrew Trevorrow <> wrote:
> > Your suggestion to change the "Privacy & Security" System Settings worked!
> > I had to select "Files & Folders", find Glu, and enable "Documents Folder".
> Good to know -- thanks.
> > Here is the output from "Samples/getdir.lua":
> >
> > glu.getdir("app")       = /Users/volkmannm/Documents/dev/lang/lua/glu-1.0-mac/
> Ah, that explains why you were asked to give Glu permission to access Documents.
> When Glu starts up it runs glu-1.0-mac/Scripts/startup.lua, so by installing Glu inside
> Documents it *is* accessing a file inside it.  (Most people install apps in /Applications
> or ~/Downloads which is why I've never come across that problem before.)
> Andrew