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Glu is a cross-platform GUI for running Lua scripts.  The app includes
a statically embedded Lua interpreter (v 5.4.6) as well as built-in functions
and modules that allow Lua programmers to create 2D graphics and
interactive applications.

Glu is free, open source (MIT license) and runs on Windows/Mac/Linux.
Download links and screenshots can be found here:

The biggest change in this release is that the canvas now uses
TrueType fonts instead of system-dependent fonts.  This makes it easier
to ensure that a script will look the same on all platforms (the only
differences will be due to screen resolution and/or color profile).

One recent addition to the curated collection (download it by
selecting "Download Script..." from Glu's File menu):

* HatLife.lua implements various cellular automata rules on an
aperiodic tiling using the recently discovered monotile known
as the hat.  Here's a screenshot: