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> My default to Thunderbird is to only use plain-text, whioch does not
> allow for formatting.

It allows for formatting in the sense of things like line breaks, which
is all you need - and, usually, all you want - for something like a

> I am trying to send this via Auto detection and if that does not work
> either I use HTML or just send unformatted plain-text.

I would advise against HTML-only, for what that's worth.

> sample formatted text from the original:

> section "name"
>      version 4
>      use_preload false

Yup, more non-break spaces.

>> As for how to fix those, I don't know.  I don't use Thunderbird
>> except at work, and even there only for reading mail.  [...]
> That aside: What tool do you use to send emails/format text.

I use my own software.  I compose mail in a general-purpose text editor
(a very old Gosling Emacs variant I've maintained/evolved myself).  My
user agent generates a template file (which for new mail is just
headers; for replies, headers plus the quoted original mail) and fires
up the editor.  When I tell it to send, it just hands the edited file
to sendmail.  I use sendmail as an outgoing MTA; my incoming MTA is
different, but not relevant to outgoing mail.

Formatting, I generate "manually".  Sometimes that means typing in
emacs.  Sometimes it means running other programs to generate or
process text.  Unfortunately for this list, that so far has not
included anything written in lua.  My awareness of lua is far too
recent for it to have made its way into such things yet.

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