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> I am sorry for the terrible formatting, I have absolutely no Idea
> what happened.

> It is my first time positing here.  Any tips?  (I use Mozilla
> Thunderbird)

I actually didn't see your initial message at first because one piece
of software thought it used invalid MIME encoding; a different piece of
software disagrees, and I haven't yet figured out which is correct.

But when I dug up the blocked message, I see three things.  In order,
from (in my estimation) least to most likely to be what's behind the
"terrible formatting" you saw,

(1) You used non-break spaces instead of real spaces in the diff (which
would likely make it fail to apply if taken directly from the email).
I have seen similar things before; it appears that some GUI MUAs
silently replace all but one space in a string of spaces with non-break
spaces.  (In my opinion this is a good reason to not use such MUAs.)

(2) You put || at the beginning and end of the lines of the patch, and
some other lines as well.

(3) Your Content-Type: header specified format=flowed, which is simply
wrong when you're sending something, like a patch, that should not be

As for how to fix those, I don't know.  I don't use Thunderbird except
at work, and even there only for reading mail.  If it imposed (1) or
(3) on you without your asking for it, I would say it needs
reconfiguring, fixing, or discarding.

I've also seen things that make me suspect some MUAs reflow text even
when it's not marked format=flowed.  Specifically, I never mark my text
that way, but it sometimes comes back in replies reflowed, typically in
the form of a single multi-hundred-character line containing the entire
paragraph, typically also not marked format=flowed.  Both parts of that
(reflowing text not marked for reflowing and generating
paragraph-length lines) I have trouble calling anything weaker than
"broken".  Whether Thunderbird is such an MUA I do not know.

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