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On 09/02/2023 15:10, bil til wrote:
Am Do., 9. Feb. 2023 um 13:53 Uhr schrieb Jiri Malak <>:

It looks like LUA supposes only two host systems.
1. *NIX systems (POSIX)
2. WIN32 system


Where do you get this from?

I use it for two applications, one is Win32/Win64, the other one is
Embedded 32bit STM32/ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller system... . Runs in
both systems very nicely... .

(except of course if I would try something like file open / read /
write in STM32 - for this in such a Controller system you have to
write your own file system - this is quite clear...).

You are using a MCU so you're using a /freestanding/ C implementation, and, as you rightfully say, C doesn't mandate to provide the full set of standard headers.

I suppose the OP would like Lua to work for a DOS /hosted/ C implementation, where the C I/O library header are provided in full (as per the C standard).

I guess Lua is designed for only those two /hosted/ C implementations in mind (Win32/64 and *NIX) and has some issues with other platforms C /hosted/ implementations (which is also understandable, since they are much rarer nowadays).

-- Lorenzo