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On Fri, 20 Jan 2023 at 14:20, bil til <> wrote:
> ... but Lua is an interpreter language and has interpreter "on board".
> If you can ask your calculater user to use Lua writing style for the
> calculator entry, like "4 + 5", "4 - 5", "4*5 ", "4/5" (even "4 ^5"
> works), then you can do this MUCH easier with Lua (see figure 28.4 in
You do not need to write a line, lua binary functions fine as a
command line calculator, as it prints evaluation results by default,
but you do  not normally write a 4 function calculator because you
need one, you do it as an exercise in learning the language, as it
touches several areas and is easy to test.

Francisco Olarte.