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I think this is due to a "possible pecularity of some C compilers",
that if you do ui modulo (ui % ...), it somehow seems to be better to
it separately for positive (0-0x7FFFF...) and negative
(0x8000...-0xFFFF...) ints... . (but I also do not understand this
COMPLETELY ... maybe some C compilers wold throw warnings or errors if
you try to handle it in one command...).

If this function hashint is VERY OFTEN invoked, it is really a bit
strange that a comparison command is invested here. (I think this
function hashint is perhaps NOT VERY often invoked, otherwise it might
be also be programmed as macro, which would then typically be faster,
as the comparison could be skipped perhaps by some "tricky
pre-compiler programming").

Could you try to instruct your mail program, to use "text only mode"
if you post here in this mailing list - if you post HTML code, it is
nearly unreadable e. g. in MARC (