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Am Fr., 20. Jan. 2023 um 09:17 Uhr schrieb Ziyao <>:
> [1]:

... but Lua is an interpreter language and has interpreter "on board".
If you can ask your calculater user to use Lua writing style for the
calculator entry, like "4 + 5", "4 - 5", "4*5 ", "4/5" (even "4 ^5"
works), then you can do this MUCH easier with Lua (see figure 28.4 in
Roberto's book "Programming in Lua", "Calling a Lua function from C",
pcCmd would be the user Entry , e. g. "4+5"):

void RunLuaCommand( lua_State* L, char* pcCmd){
  char acTmp[100];
  sprintf( acTmp, "A=%s; print( A)", pcCmd);
  int status= luaL_loadbufferx( L, acTmp, strlen( acTmp), pcCmd, "t");
  if( status== LUA_OK)
    status= lua_pcall( L, 0, 0, 0);
  if( status != LUA_OK){
    const char* pc= lua_string( L, -1);
    printf( "Error: %s", pc);

(I did not test it, I hope not too many errors :) ).