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>If you have experience with micropython,
>and also with Lua, can you give a short
>comparison between ROM space >requirements of micropython and Lua

I’ve only used them for single-purpose hobby projects, e.g. “track Wi-Fi access points”, “be a very tiny server as a PoC”, or “send a Bluetooth advertisement to test my BT sniffer”.

(I’ve also used the Espressif tools and the Arduino IDE to build small programs, but only to see how the process worked rather than for any ongoing practical purpose.)

I noticed that RAM gets very tight as soon as you load either NodeMCU Lua or upython, but I have never measured how far that memory goes, given that I have never done anything mainstream or long-term enough to have to worry about it. 

My nanoprojects have always has enough memory to work, and if any of them had been thwarted by RAM problems I would just have given up and tried something else.

I would therefore not describe my “experience” as experience, and cannot advise you…