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Am Do., 15. Dez. 2022 um 19:26 Uhr schrieb Paul Ducklin <>:
Although this leads a bit away from the thread theme "pattern" :).

If you have experience with micropython, and also with Lua, can you
give a short comparison between ROM space requirements of micropython
and Lua (ca. 80-90kB ROM to my experience for Lua 5.4), and alloc-RAM
need for "first start of a typical" micropython script, compared to a
typical lua script (typicaly 20kB RAM to my experience for Lua 5.4)?

... this would be very interesting info for me... just curiosity (just
implementing Lua on smaller Controllers and so far loving Lua very
much ... but I limited the alloc buffer size to 5kB - my controller
has maximum 64-80kB alloc RAM (heap) - just so far with 2kB heap
buffers I am driving really fine also for communcation / programming
applications (e. y. ymodem programming with ymodem typical 1kB file
segmentation) ... just somehow VERY important that the communication
Lua strings used are defined "local" in the innermost Lua
communication loop, to ensure the garbage collector is collecting them
effieciently very soon after they are not needed any more).

(I looked at the micropython chapter "Flash rom" and "ram" on, but I did not find there any "real world memory
requirement numbers", only some "general remarks how to minimize
ROM/RAM" (but NO minimum size given in kBytes, not even "very rough