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Am Sa., 26. Nov. 2022 um 16:28 Uhr schrieb Paul Ducklin <>:
> If you want varargification to work, put the function that returns multiple values at the end of the list.
> If you want two varargifications, just use two lists with one vararg item at the end of each.
> print(string.byte(…))
> print(string.byte(…))

Thank you for this nice word varargifacation, though it might be a
sign of "convulated C thinking" :).

... your proposal even is quite helpful, but only quite, you would
have to use the following two lines:

io.write( str1.byte()), print (str2.byte())

... you are somehow right, this can be used as "work-around" somehow,
though a bit cumbersome for the Lua programmer... .