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Hi especially to all Lua workshop attendees... .

I finally found time today to look more in detail at Garbage collector
of Lua.. .

And as Roberto predicted after my presentation, this is really not
such a bad guy as I thought - no reason to panic if I have to return
zero on malloc with my sparse 60kB RAM application, GC really seems to
do all very fine.

So sorry when I spoilt your valuable time at the workshop too much
with speaking about problems which are no real problems :).

My only excuse is, that I generally hated the idea of using dynamic
memory in microcontroller applications. I accepted that Lua somehow
MUST do this ... so I allowed it, but only for Lua of course... .

But still I assumed such an ugly thing as a garbage collector (who
loves dynamic memory naturally I assume) being a bit a very suspicious
creature. Only now I recognized, that this Lua GC really seems to be a
quite "reasonably friendly and surprisingly competent guy" to my surprise ... .