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"sleep" would be a clear, point of yielding for also "lazy Lua end
user" I think. But sleep will be started only AFTER start_soon have
been executed.

I as a "lazy Lua user" am looking at the coding in function
async_main, it is really a bit a mystery for me, where the yielding
will be done here (I assume NOT in print, as print is a Lua

Or is it in "start_soon"? (but if it would be in "start_soon", it is a
bit strange that "waiting for child tasks" can be printed AFTER the
start_soon commands and anyway will be executed first... .

Am Mi., 21. Sept. 2022 um 08:45 Uhr schrieb Sean Conner <>:
>   In two functions:  trio.async_wait_task_rescheduled() and
> trio.async_sleep().