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Thank you for clarifying... you are completely right, "int" has become
quite ambigious term latest since Microsoft did this ingenious-nasty
trick to keep int 32bit also for its 64bit compiiler Windows in VS
Studio, thus making the shift from 32bit to 64bit compilation
extremely easy.

But Lua32bit used for the tt info the "basic var size" in earlier
versions as far as I know. And this "basic var size" is 32bit (=4
bytes) in Lua32 and 64bits (=8bytes) in Lua64..

Whereas in Lua 5.4 as far as I know the tt size has been reduced to 1 byte.

Am So., 11. Sept. 2022 um 16:44 Uhr schrieb Rolf Kalbermatter
> Actually an int is always 4 bytes (leaving away old 16 bit platforms like for MS-DOS or Windows 3.x). A long can be 8 byte on Unix 64-bit platforms but will be always 4 byte under Windows even on 64-bit platforms.