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Hello Paul,

Paul Ducklin <>:
> Given that you will need your own compiler

This is not completely correct. It may be advantageous to patch the
vanilla Lua compiler to benefit from its further evolution. Making the
patches modular is what matters.

> to generate your own this-is-not-actually-Lua bytecode…

Lya bytecode is not specified, so there's no 'actually Lua' bytecode
in the first place AFAICT.

> Also, how would programmers signal which of possibly many non-standard Lua compilers they were trying to “assist” when they added backticks to their code?

Compilers not recognizing an expression or unable to optimize it would
just parse it as it is without the `(). The markup "helps" the vanilla
Lua parser with its 1-element lookahead constraint.

Best regards,